Who can benefit from ProCleanz?

ProCleanz is the perfect alternative to harmful and aggressive chemical based liquids for cleaning and sanitising. It’s not only a better solution for the environment, but completely safe for the staff who are using it and falls outside of the CoSHH regulations. And it is the only non chemical system that kills coronavirus.

Care homes and healthcare

Cleaning and disinfection within the care home and healthcare industry is of paramount importance to patients, visitors and staff to ensure the control of harmful bacteria. ProCleanz’s EN1276 and EN14476 accreditation gives customers in this sector assurance that surfaces cleaned with the product are sanitised to a standard as good as or better than traditional chemicals.

Hotels and hospitality

ProCleanz is the powerful chemical free solution that offers a safe, cost-effective and user-friendly alternative to the chemicals often used within the hospitality sector. The EN1276 and EN14476 accreditation assures hotels, restaurants and other food establishments that ProCleanz will meet or exceed cleaning and sanitising outcomes delivered by the harsh, environmentally damaging cleaning solutions that are traditionally used.

Holiday parks, gymnasiums & leisure facilities

Outbreaks of illnesses in shared facilities such as toilets, washrooms and changing areas can be damaging for the bottom line and for your reputation. Using ProCleanz not only provides peace of mind that harmful bacteria are being managed but delivers saving on budgetary spend, whilst minimising the impact on the environment.

Schools, colleges & universities

Student safety within educational facilities is crucial. The ProCleanz is a robust solution that will kill the bacteria that can cause illnesses to spread so rapidly. And it’s safe for the caretaking staff, removing exposure to harmful cleaning chemicals.

And many, many more..

ProCleanz is effective in just about any facility that you can think of where it’s essential to kill bacteria and envelope viruses such as coronavirus.. Put simply, anywhere that you clean with traditional chemicals would benefit from converting to ProCleanz. If you are passionate about reducing harm on the environment, saving money, protecting staff and simply delivering a better service then speak to us at ProCleanz today.