Case studies

ProCleanz in action

The proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating. So to really test the environmentally friendly power of ProCleanz we installed it in some intense cleaning environments. We wanted to see how it performed in challenging, live environments and most importantly, hear how the users felt it impacted on their daily cleaning schedule.

Exceptional cleaning performance in a busy manufacturing environment

ProCleanz was used as a replacement for the standard sanitising product in a very busy manufacturing environment.

Test areas included some of the most notoriously heavily contaminated points such as:

  • Push plates in toilets
  • Wash areas
  • Hand washing areas
  • Flush buttons
  • Toilet floor tiles

In all test results, using an industry recognised measuring device, ProCleanz matched or exceeded the previous sanitising agent.

Often on the first cleaning pass alone, surface contaminants dropped to acceptable and in many cases an exceptionally low level using ProCleanz.

Housekeeping team endorses the use of ProCleanz over sanitising agents

ProCleanz was installed in a well-known hotel brand and the housekeeping team used it to replace the standard cleaning chemical in spray and bucket style applications.

After a few days of use they reported back that the reduced chemical smell was noticeable and made for a more pleasant environment for residents and staff. The team felt that using ProCleanz was safer and easier than chemical cleaners.

Comments from the housekeepers included:

  • Surfaces were as clean as they wished but with no foamy or sticky residue
  • The ‘chrome and marble’ type surfaces shone particularly well and seemed cleaner
  • One team member noted that they had no allergic skin reaction to ProCleanz
  • The harsh perfumes and chemical masking of odours was reduced to a far more satisfying level
  • They did not want to lose the trial machine and requested a permanent version as soon as possible!

The responses from this front-line housekeeping team demonstrates how important the ecological and natural aspect of ProCleanz can be.