The sustainable, natural, non-chemical solution to effective surface cleaning.

ProCleanz takes regular tap water and transforms it into a powerful surface cleaner that kills viruses including the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Delivering incredible sanitising properties, it is the first electrolysed water product in the UK to achieve the EN1276 accreditation and EN14476.

  • ProCleanz delivers dramatic cost savings over traditional cleaning methods
  • There's no need to store dangerous chemicals, or mix hazardous substances
  • On a day to day basis it requires zero maintenance, just monthly monitoring of salt levels
  • Easy to install with no disruption to your facilities and routines

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Technical Information

EN1276 is the European standard for the bactericidal activity of a disinfectant solution used in food, industrial, commercial, domestic and institutional areas. Are your cleaning protocols compliant?

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There are several electrolysed or ozonated systems on the market, visit this page to see how ProCleanz compares against two of the biggest systems available today.

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ProCleanz is the perfect alternative to harmful and aggressive chemical based liquids for cleaning and sanitising. It’s not only a better solution for the environment, but completely safe for the staff who are using it and falls outside of the CoSHH regulations. Click through to read more.

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