Cost Benefits

Expected return on investment

Every installation is different and every environment has variables, but one thing we can promise; If you have a large facility where sanitising agents are used in your cleaning schedule, ProCleanz will provide a solid return on investment.

Costs you will save

In larger facilities such as hotels, the projected saving could be as much as £600 per month. And these figures do not consider the peripheral costs associated with the supply and use of bottled cleaning chemicals such as:

  • Packaging costs, including discarding waste and environmental impacts
  • Carbon footprint associated with delivering chemicals regularly to facilities
  • Labour costs for unpacking, storing and mixing chemicals
  • Costs of possible ‘human error’, for example, staff dosing too much chemical when preparing for use
  • Associated costs for administrative staff raising orders for regular chemical supply and invoice processing

Calculate your savings here

Taking all the above into account, we are confident of a clear return on investment by converting to ProCleanz. Use the calculator below for a rough guide of the savings you could be making!

Terms & Conditions apply. Subject to a formal credit facility being approved. Information produced is for indicative purposes only until finance approval.
Savings calculator is based upon a 5 year lease term. Other options are available, informaion provided on request.
~Based on a £6 per day lease cost

Your Projected savings should be:

£0 per year


Benefits of leasing

Whilst we do have an outright purchasing option of ProCleanz, we recognise that this route doesn’t suit all budgets. That’s why we offer a leasing option through our leasing partner Leasing for Business,who specialise in finance facilities for electrolysed water products.

Leasing is a well-established, tax efficient method of financing equipment with the following benefits:

  • Leasing is 100% tax deductible
  • Conserves your working capital
  • Preserves your existing lines of credit
  • Fast access to equipment that you need
  • Control over your monthly budget
  • Fixed payments for the term of your agreement
  • Fast 48-hour decision – product can be installed within days
  • You feel the real benefit of ProCleanz by using it; owning it is optional!

Lease from just £6 per day     Discover more

Potential return on investment

ProCleanz has been consistently tested in a laboratory and in live environments to be proven that it is a powerful and reliable solution.

Add to this the clear return on investment and the fact that you are demonstrating your commitment to a cleaner, healthier planet and it is easy to see why ProCleanz is changing the way we clean, forever.

For further information about purchasing options please contact us on: +44(0)844 3757 7150 or to find out more about our leasing partner please visit