Scientifically proven to kill the virus that causes COVID-19 WITHOUT harmful chemicals!

We‘ve all heard that high strength alcohol and bleach solutions are effective against coronaviruses.

But there’s no way of conducting the large scale cleaning needed in institutions to kill the novel coronavirus on surfaces, without using these potentially irritating and expensive chemicals – until now.

Our ProCleanz cleaning system produces a natural and non-chemical cleaning solution that has just been awarded an EN14476 accreditation, having been proven to kill the coronaviruses that cause SARS, MERS, and COVID-19.

Tests conducted under strict clinical conditions by The Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology in Austria have verified the efficacy of the solution against the specific COVID-19 strain of coronavirus. Their results prove that the virus is killed by the cleaning solution after 5 minutes of contact.

How does it work?

The ProCleanz system takes regular tap water and by the addition of salt and electricity, transforms it into a powerful surface cleaner.

Delivering high sanitising properties, it was the first electrolysed water product in the UK to achieve the EN1276 accreditation, proving effectiveness against e-coli and listeria, and now adds the EN14476 accreditation to its name.

The system provides your cleaning teams with constant access to litres of the low cost, natural and environmentally friendly solution, that can be used in buckets, sprays and scrubbing machines. It can be safely used on floors, push plates, tables, food dispensaries, in fact anywhere a usual cleaner would be deployed. The only residue from the solution is a harmless saline solution. There’s no storage requirements and no COSHH training needed.

With applications in care homes, hospitals, supermarkets and all areas that might be deemed hot spots for the coronavirus causing COVID-19, this accreditation gives managers in vulnerable environments a new and safe to use weapon in their armoury to help in the fight against the pandemic.